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Secure Trading is a powerful Payment Gateway & Merchant Account provider that offers complete support to integrate your payment solution needs. Over 20 year’s experience in the payment industry, we understand the importance of accepting payment for any business and that’s why we offer a UK account support manager to guide your business through the process.

    • Our payment gateway is 99.9% secure

    • Connected to most major banks globally

    • We are one of the few providers that can provide a complete service to your business.

    • Merchant Account & Payment Gateway all in one.

    • Partnered with all major online shopping cart providers.

    • Video guides for easy online website integration.

    • Dedicated advisers to help your business with it's payment solutions.

    • We can help any business Internationally.


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      Take card payments online.

      For any online business having the capability to offer your customers the ability to pay with a credit or debit card online is extremely important.

      How can we help you to start taking card payments?

      Compared to other payment gateways we will provide you with a simple process to start accepting card payment online.

      • Simple & Easy to Install Plugin
      • Fully Supported & Updated
      • Real time payment reports
      • Reduced card payment fees
      • All in one payment & merchant account
      • Dedicated UK account manager

      Take card payments via phone.

      This is an excellent option for your customers and field employees who can not get access to the internet.  

      payment gateway by phone

      Taking card payment over the phone could not be any easier. The customer would call you with their card details and you would login to a secure payment portal to enter the payment information.

      • No Internet access needed
      • Payment receipt generated 
      • UK Support
      • Trusted payment services

      Take card payments via Email.

      Getting paid without a website is now possible and it’s an extremely simple process.

      email payment gateway

      Its easy to start accepting card payments by email.

      We will provide you a unique secure link, simply copy and paste into your email to the customer. Once the customer clicks the card payment link they will be directed to a secure area to make the payment.

      • No website needed
      • Email Invoices
      • Secure portal
      • Accept payments anywhere

      What are payment gateways and merchant accounts in e-commerce?

      If you are entering the world of e-commerce as a seller or developer then you might have definitely heard about the terms such as payment processors, payment gateways and merchant accounts.  But most people tend to use these terms interchangeably without understanding the difference between these terms and their working.  it is important to know the basics of these concepts so that you can choose the correct service and configure it to suit your business needs.  here is some basic knowledge about payment gateways and merchant accounts that would help you launch or grow your online business.

      What is a payment gateway?

      A payment gateway is a technology that bridges different kinds of merchants and is not limited to online merchants and payment networks.  the job of a payment gateway includes the following:

      Integrating online stores:  With a payment gateway, you can enable your store multiple ways to integrate capabilities of processing an online credit card with your business processes.

      Captures transactions: Transactions done on your online store are captured. The shopper's details are sent by the merchant to the payment gateway. During this transmission, the details are encrypted for security purposes.

      Routing of payment details: This transaction and payment details are routed but the passenger gateway to the acquiring bank or a payment processor.  there is screening done at the bank's end and then the transaction goes to the card networks.

      Notifies the merchant:  After taking confirmation from the bank or payment processor it sends a message of accepting or decline to the merchant of an online store where the payment was done.

      A payment gateway performs all these tasks within a fraction of seconds.

      Working on payment gateways:

      The main work of a payment gateway is to bring about the transfer of information about a transaction between the payment portal and the payment processor. the payment portal might be a website, or a mobile app and the processor might be a wallet or an acquiring bank. Step by step Workout guide of a payment gateway is as follows:

      Step 1: A customer presses the submit button to confirm the order on a website or app and enters the card details and clicks on pay now or any such action button.

      Step 2: These order details are then encrypted before the data is sent from the website to the merchant's web servers for security purposes.

      Step 3: The web server sends this payment information in an encrypted form to the payment gateway.

      Step 4: The payment gateway sends the transaction details to the acquiring bank or payment processor.

      Step 5: The payment processor forwards the details for confirmation to the card provider i.e. Visa, Mastercard etc.

      Step 6: The card issuing bank validates the transaction and sends the status whether approved or declined to the payment processor.

      Step 7: The payment processor then forwards details to the payment gateway which in turn notifies the user who did the transaction and the merchant website or app on which transaction was done.

      Step 8: Merchant sends details of approved transactions in a batch to acquiring bank asking for payment. the bank verifies details and deposits money in the account of the merchant.

      Now let us investigate what is a merchant account and how it works?

      What is a merchant account?

      A merchant account allows merchants to process debit and credit card payments online using a payment gateway or a similar entity.  this gateway or entity deposits the funds of your card payments into your merchant account.  These funds are then transferred from the merchant account to your configured bank account on a scheduled date and time as determined by the payment gateway.

      This account is different from a business bank account as you have no control over a merchant account as against bank account. it just holds your deposits for some period like PayPal.  So, the question is why use a merchant account instead of a bank account? returns and refunds are common in case of online business. the amount from merchant account can be debited in case of returns and this reduces the amount of risk present in online transactions.

      Also, there is a chance that deposits might get accumulated in your payment gateway from many sources. This amount gets accumulated in the merchant account and then reconciliation and withdrawals become easy.

      How does merchant account work?

      There are two main components of a merchant account working i.e. payment gateways and payment processors. Payment gateways and its working had been discussed above. so now let us look at what payment processors are and how they work.

      Payment Processors

      When the payment gateway is sending the request out into the world then it is received by the payment processor. This is the company that has issued the credit card which the customer is using. Examples of the payment processors include Mastercard, Visa, and other affiliated companies. The payment processor is analyzing the request for the funds that need to be transferred and then it is sending the approval and denial based on the funds in the sending account.

      Payment gateways and the processors are working in tandem with the standard business accounts and the merchant accounts at the banks for the seamless process transactions. All the communication is done in the fraction of second which is allowing for the easy and smooth business all day long. Getting the merchant account is widely regarded as the standard if you want from the online store and anywhere.

      With so many transactions in the world happening today which are all being conducted by using the credit cards and there is no requirement of cash anymore. You will always require these accounts for staying ahead in times. So, get the merchant account today to your business and ensure that you are also reading the small print available in the contract. It is also requiring that you can make sure about the payment gateway with the issuer of your account.