There's nothing cheap about our phones - apart from the price tag!

You might not have come across unlocked mobile phones. So, what is the difference from conventional mobile phones? The smart phones generally used in the UK only support a single service provider which basically means the phone will be locked to a single mobile network, almost all of them tend to be tied up to a carrier network, or we can say that these are locked on to respective carriers. But again there are some phones which aren't tied to a special carrier, and these phones are basically known as unlocked mobile phones.

The benefits of unlocked mobile sim free phones?

Now let us check out a few reasons to buy our unlocked mobile phones!

It is flexible to change mobile network provider. If you as a user are not happy with the service provided by any of the networks, you can always go for shifting to another mobile network.

The best option available for foreign travel - One of the other main differences between locked and unlocked phone is that an unlocked phone, you can easily change the sim card of the respective country you are traveling to. But in the case of locked phones, you must pay for the foreign roaming charges.

Limited contracts - Our unlocked phones users aren't part of any contract with any network operator, so you don’t really have to worry about the penalty you got to pay if you terminate contract early.

Help you save tons of money! - If your mobile service provider starts charging you more for services, you can just switch to another service provider that charges less.

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Why buy one of our mobile phones?

Our cheap unlocked sim free phones are not cheap in quality, but they do have a cheap price tag. You’ll surely be amazed once you review the mind-blowing features like infinity display, full metal body, powerful long-lasting battery and fast processing microchip check out the product videos to find out more.

Our phones are dual sim which means the smartphone is capable of holding two sim cards at the same time in the same phone. The sim cards can either be the same network provider or different providers. The benefit of two sims in the same phone would mean the user can now carry only one mobile phone instead of two.

Ziegal are authorized UK dealers, for any customer reassurance build quality is important therefore all the phones we offer are thoroughly tested to last and come with a 1-year manufacturing warranty, extended warranty is also available on request.

Our range of phones are packed full of features like dual sim allowing the user to use two sim cards at the same time, so for those of you who require two lines but don't want to carry two mobile phones then you will be pleased to know most of our devices are dual sim.  

Fantastic offers that truly save you money, our team has combined the best network tariffs available on a 12-month contract to show you how much you can save, deals from Vodafone, Giffgaff and 3 Mobile. We have noticed customers can make an average saving of £350 depending on the mobile phone selected and the contract term.

Why wait 24 months to upgrade?

Upgrade every 12 months, it makes more sense to upgrade once the warranty has finished but if your tied into a contract with your network provider it can be expensive to upgrade however if you buy one of our unlocked mobile phones you will have complete flexibility and control.

What are the benefits of an unlocked sim free mobile phone? Unlocking a smartphone makes it possible to use any network operator at any moment, but most service providers impose a hefty fee for customers who leave in a contract, or the provider needs the phone back. For customers that have locked mobile phones and don't plan to change network providers, there are additional compelling reasons to eliminate the lock or buy a factory unlocked phone, namely, to save roaming costs

True freedom without long contracts. Upgrade your phone when you want to. Save money on your contract.