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About us
Ziegal Limited want to revolutionize the UK’s mobile phone market by introducing the best android smartphones that have outstanding features such as extra long battery life dual sim and expandable memory. Currently all our mobile phone deals can be viewed on our online mobile phone shop and most of the smartphone deals are dual sim which means that the user can have two mobile sims in the same mobile phone.
Our vision
Is to empower customers by pushing the boundaries of telecommunication and providing new age communication gateways that make their lives easier, whilst  providing the UK with the best smartphone deals online. Ziegal is also committed to improving the UK’s digital infrastructure and changing the market dynamics with the introduction of cost effective smartphones. Our main focus is to improve customer experience rather than simply being another service provider.
Our mission statement
Is to constantly bring innovation to the UK telecommunications industry by helping people to effectively communicate with each other while providing exemplary customer service along the way. Ziegal believe that the needs of customers are the very base on which successful and sustainable businesses are made upon and we make it our customers our utmost priority. This is our core value.
Five of the best mobile phones deals from our Online shop
We know your time is important so to get you started we have selected five of the best mobile phone deals for you that you can buy a mobile phone right now from our online mobile phone shop. Most of the smartphones are android operating system with the best battery life and have the option for dual sim if you need two sim cards and expandable memory.