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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Mobile Phone Deal?

  • Regardless of how much you are currently paying for your mobile phone deal, there’s an extremely high chance that you’re paying too much. This could be for a number of reasons, perhaps you opted for the first deal that you were offered or you didn't take the time to shop around for a cheaper option. In fact, a lot of people find themselves paying too much for their mobile phone because the cost of their monthly contract has gradually increased over the years. With changing a contract often being seen as confusing, a lot of people just accept the rate that they’re paying. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.
  • If you are paying too much for your mobile phone deal, there are other options available. These options are more affordable and very easy to set up. All you need to do is choose one of the great monthly deals here at Ziegal and register your SIM with Giffgaff, Vodafone or 3 mobile.
  • We have selected some great pay monthly deals with some of the best mobile phones available to suit all budgets, monthly network operator deals from Giffgaff, Vodafone and 3 Mobile to help save you money. You will notice most of the deals are on 30 Day rolling contracts from Giffgaff and 12 month phone contracts from 3 mobile and Vodafone.

Giffgaff phone £7.50 pay monthly deal £99

Click the deals below for the Pay Monthly deals available from Giffgaff or Register for your Sim and transfer your existing mobile number.

Giifgaff phones

Giffgaff phone £7.50 pay monthly deal £129

When selecting your pay monthly mobile deal always consider the full cost over the term of the contract.

How much will it cost over 12 Months ?

Some Typical Examples

  •  £7.50 over 12 Months is £90 Plus the cost of the mobile phone £99 = £189
    • £12 over 12 Months is £144 Plus the cost of the mobile phone £129 = £273
    • £20 over 12 Months is £240 Plus the cost of the mobile phone £299 = £539

    What happens if I want to change my mobile phone before the contract is finished

    The good news with Ziegal you can upgrade your mobile phone whenever you want and you will also qualify for further discount when you upgrade with us.


    Giffgaff phones


    Vodaphone best phone deal

    Click the deals below for the Pay Monthly deals available from Vodafone or Register for your Sim and transfer your existing mobile number.

    vodaphone offers

    Vodafone pay as you go

    All our mobile phones can be combined with any pay monthly contract deal with any network provider of your choice.

    Ziegal Mobile Phone Deals Vs. Other Providers

    • A simple Google search will provide you with a number of mobile phone deals, though these are not always the cheapest options. You may assume that some of the UK’s top mobile phone providers will be offering affordable contracts, especially as they often market themselves as beating the price of others. However, this isn’t the case. In fact, Ziegal mobile phone deals are a lot cheaper.
    • For example, Carphone Warehouse are currently offering a Samsung Galaxy S8 pay monthly contract with iD for £28.99 per month. With this, you will receive 2GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited tests. However, at Ziegal we are offering the same plan with the Elephone U PRO for £13 a month on Vodafone. Plus, with Ziegal, you also benefit from unlimited minutes. That’s less than half of the price you would pay at Carphone Warehouse.
    • Another example is our Vernee Thor mobile phone monthly deal. For just £9 per month, you will receive 1GB of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts. It is near enough impossible to find a pay monthly phone contract with any other provider for this low of a cost.
    • One of our most popular mobile phone deals is the £20 a month contract with Three. Boasting 30GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes it’s a plan that takes care of everything. However, this isn’t something that every provider will offer. For example, O2 charge £30 for the exact same deal. Similarly, our £27 a month plan gives you 100GB of data. At O2, this isn’t even an option and you are likely to find yourself paying £30 a month for just 50GB.

    3 mobile pay monthly deal

    Ziegal likes to keep it simple just buy the mobile phone you want and register your details with the network operator that provides you the best signal in your area.

     3 mobile pay monthly deals

    Click the deals below for the Pay Monthly deals available from 3 Mobile or Register for your Sim and transfer your existing mobile number.

    3 mobile pay monthly contract deals

    What are Pay Monthly Mobile Phone Deals ?

    We have found the best monthly paid mobile phone deals to save you time because we believe time is important and we don't want to waste yours surfing the net to find the best monthly mobile phone deals.  Each month you pay a set amount of money and in return you get a set amount of minutes, text messages and data.  Normally you have to make a commitment to the pay monthly deals that can be 12 month contracts or 30 Day rolling contracts.

    What are the Benefits of a Pay Monthly contract ?

    Its convenient and can be very affordable allowing you to take control of your monthly mobile spend. For example Giff Gaff have become very popular for the simplicity of their mobile phone contracts, and their very competitive prices, the cheapest Giffgaff tariff costs only £5 this allows you to control your spending.

    With Pay Monthly contracts you can get your hands on the most recent mobile phones to start with, before Pay As You Go clients, Vodafone and 3 Mobile contracts offer some great packages for a small upfront cost towards the handset.

    How does a pay monthly mobile phone contract work ?

    You can select either a 12 month contract such as 3 Mobile and Vodafone or a 30 Day rolling contract such as Giffgaff via sites such as Ziegal. You will be charged a set fee each month to cover the expense for Line rental, minutes, Data and text messages.

    What network operator should I select ?

    You should check the signal in your area, operators such as Vodafone or 3 Mobile offer coverage checkers on their websites to see what sort of reception you could receive, its important to do this to check your user-ability.  Its pointless using a network that is not covered in your area and can be costly if you are tied into a contract for 12 months, remember to also check the areas you travel or commute too, Vodafone could be good where you live but Giffgaff or 3 Mobile could be better where you work or there may be another operator who has a better average coverage over both locations.

    What is the eligibility for a pay monthly mobile phone deal ?

    The majority of network operators require a contract of 12 Months such as Vodafone and 3 Mobile or 30 day rolling contract such as Giffgaff.  

    There will be a minimum age restriction for 12 month contracts such as 3 Mobile and Vodafone of 18 years old or older. However the monthly contract could be issued in an adults name such as a parent but the mobile phone could be used by the child, so a parent can purchase a contract for their child, and there is no restriction to who can use the mobile phone, data and calls.  

    Your chosen network operator will also perform a credit check if the agreement is 12 months or more. This is generally not required for 30 day rolling contracts such as Giffgaff.

    You will need to be a resident of the United Kingdom and the network operator will require address history no less than 3 years for the purpose of the credit check to be performed.