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Z-WiFi is the next big name you'll be hearing, probably sounds a little different just like Facebook did when it just got started in Mark Zuckenberg’s dorm room, but look at Facebook now, there aren’t any people who don’t know what it is today and it’s the same for many other successful companies that were startups at their beginnings, most people hadn’t ever heard of them and now they are household names, just like Ziegal will be.

Right now Great Britain is desperate for innovation in the internet connections sector, Ziegal has been aware of the issues for several years and has been working on a solution which is now rolling out to the public. The Z-WiFi project has just what the British public is craving for and the solution which the Government is so desperately trying to find. It offers the average customer a long awaited reliable internet connection where they can have internet connections faster than 10Mbps and up to 350Mbps depending on their liking and needs.

While the Government is going through the parliament to try and enforce a minimum speed of 10mbps on providers, Ziegal has this as a standard and with Z-WiFi we would actually be disappointed with 10mbps, we want to offer much better than just the bare minimum. With Z-WiFi our customers won’t only get better and more reliable connections in their homes, they will get the same service throughout the UK. Yes Z-WiFi will cover the whole of the UK with a speedy 5Ghz channel. This will be achieved with an infrastructure that doesn’t need cable wiring for the customer but will be faster than most traditional cable wiring connections.

As the name suggests, Z-WiFi will be a big WiFi network spread nationwide thanks to the 1000 Z-Pods that will be installed in various locations. We’ll install our Z-pods in properties at selected locations where the owner will get free unlimited internet access for a lifetime and the Z-Pods require only a tiny area of the roof. We will take care of everything, we only want a small piece of your roof and you get sentenced with fast internet for life for your cooperation.

You might ask why is something like Z-WiFi needed. The answer is very clear my friends, our country is the 31st in the whole world when it comes to internet speed. We’re behind 19 other European countries. Our average speed is 16.5Mbps which is lower than Hungary’s 23Mbps, Spain at 19.6Mbps and so on. And this is actually only one side of the story.

Did you know that there are 1.1 million households that don’t have access to at least a 10Mbps internet connection in the UK? These households are located in rural areas where mainstream companies don’t have much interest of investing, therefore the citizens living in such areas have to get along with that tiny bit of internet they get offered because simply there isn’t a better offer for them, with some only receiving 3Mbps. This is where Ziegal comes into play. (If you want to read more about the internet situation in GB right now click the links below)

Homes and businesses will have a legal right to demand faster broadband

New Worldwide Broadband Speed League

Providing for every home fast and reliable internet connections with the best prices in the market is our goal. Not only that, but customers will be able to have access from multiple devices and locations so they can use it even when they are not home. The Z-WiFi network will be a revolution in the mobile phone market as well. You can now buy whichever phone you want without worrying about the minutes and the internet deal. For years now we know that we have been conditioned where to buy our phones since we have to think about the deals and mainstream stores, we get offers but they are not always what is best suited to our needs, and generally we tend to get tied into long contracts and pay double or 3 times the cost of the handset. But Ziegal will change this, our customer will not overpay for a phone, or not get the phone they want because they have to choose between the airtime package, our customers want better internet deals for their smartphones and that’s what we will give them by not forcing their choices regarding what phone they will buy. Last but not least, internet data for mobile phones with Ziegal will be completely unlimited. All you will have to do is to choose your speed, create your username, and get on with exploring your opportunities that the digital world now has to offer.

As any startup Ziegal wants your support and relies on this to be successful, for your help you will be rewarded not only financially but in knowing that you have solved a problem and helped millions of people. We all know more or less how the story went for the people that helped and believed in the Apple-s and Facebook-s of this world. We’re not inviting people to simply invest in us and gain monetary goods as the reward. We’re inviting you and everybody to be a part of the Ziegal family, to be a part of our journey. This journey where we will make peoples’ lives better. A journey where we will leave our footprints in the history of this country and in a few years’ time you will look back and you will smile. Because you were the one that dared, the one who believed in something better and the one that made it happen.