Z-WiFi Network Coming Soon



Right now, the UK is in desperate need for innovation in the internet connectivity sector, Ziegal has been aware of the issues for several years and has been working on a solution which is now ready for pilot testing to the public. The Z-WiFi project is just what the British public is craving for and the solution which the Government is so desperately trying to find. It offers the average customer a long-awaited reliable internet connection where they can have internet speeds up to 1000Mbps depending on the user requirements.

Z-WiFi will replace home broadband as we know it.

Our customers won’t only get better and more reliable connections in their homes, they will get the same service throughout the UK.  Z-WiFi will cover the whole of the UK with a speedy 5Ghz channel. This will be achieved with an infrastructure that doesn’t need cable wiring for the customer but will be faster than most traditional cable wiring connections.

As the name suggests, Z-WiFi will be a big WiFi network which will spread nationwide thanks to our Z-Pods that will be installed throughout the UK with our completely unique business model. We will install our Z-pods in properties at selected locations where the owner will get free unlimited internet access for a lifetime and the Z-Pods require only a tiny area of the roof.

You might ask why something like Z-WiFi is needed and why Invest.

The UK's internet infrastructure is in significant need of an update, the country is ranked 35th in the world internet speed behind we are lagging behind 19 European countries for speed and connectivity. The technology and methods currently used are out dated and poorly implemented resulting in a large proportion of the country having very poor internet connectivity and some rural areas having none at all. The British Government has stated that Full-fibre broadband coverage should be available to every home in the UK by 2033, but in our opinion this is far too long to wait for something that Ziegal can provide within the next 5 years. Only 4% of homes in the UK currently have access to full fiber, compared with 71% of homes in Spain and 89% of homes in Portugal. Our average speed is 16.5Mbps which is lower than Hungary’s 23Mbps, Spain at 19.6Mbps behind countries like Madagascar and Bulgaria.

Did you know that there are 1.1 million households that don’t have access to at least a 10Mbps internet connection in the UK? These households are in rural areas where internet service providers don’t have much interest of investing, therefore the users living in such areas must get along with speed of 3Mbps.

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Massive Opportunity

We believe investing in quality infrastructure means better productivity and a positive impact on the economy. The government industrial strategy white paper published in November 2017 (P126 Infrastructure) also agrees. “Infrastructure is the essential underpinning of our lives and work, and having modern and accessible infrastructure throughout the country is essential to our future growth and prosperity.” “one of the most significant ways the government can influence the economy – from our transport and housing through to the roll-out of digital networks.”

We are now at the stage to deploy the Z-WiFI pilot network working in a real life environment offering users internet access. Z-WiFi is a game changer in the home broadband market.  By using a unique business model to the market offering users actual fibre optic internet connectivity wirelessly delivered through our Z-Pods on a 2.4ghz & 5ghz wifi channel, it plans to be significantly better than current providers by offering users instantaneous connectivity, faster speeds, pay-as-you-go price plans, symmetrical upload/download speeds, mobile connectivity, no long contacts and lower prices, but most importantly a stable and reliable connection even in rural areas.

Unlike our competitors Z-WiFi can scale fast, this is due to its unique network topology and unique business model, this means we can expand the coverage of Z-WiFi faster and it also means we can offer our users cheaper internet access.

We have the team, knowledge, passion, relevant experience needed to deploy the project and lead it to commercialisation. Ziegal needs your support and relies on this to be successful, for your investment you will be rewarded not only financially but in knowing that you have solved a problem, helped millions of people and increased GDP.

We’re not inviting people to simply invest in us and gain. We’re inviting you to be a part of our journey.

A journey where we will make people’s lives better.