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Do you want a mobile phone that has top functionality and good looks with an affordable price tag attached to it? Well, that’s what Ziegal is here to offer. Check out our website and find fantastic deals on smartphones that you will not get to see anywhere else. We are all about providing the latest technology in terms of handsets at the best possible prices. Our range features a host of brands, and you can be sure to find a device that fascinates you. Thanks to our pocket-friendly deals, you will have a field day looking through our categories and...

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Considering the technological advancements Great Britain is still only position 31 in the world when it comes to internet speed.

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  Ziegal Ltd want to revolutionize the UK’s WiFi market by massively increasing the internet speeds available across the country. We will do this by introducing state of the art technology in the form of Z pods. Z pods will be installed throughout the UK and transmit WiFi using the 5GHz signal. Seamless connectivity will be provided to all users 24/7 giving the UK’s internet options a much needed boost. these funds will be utilized for the entire setup including network equipment and procurement, asset purchasing, marketing and administrative expenses. Contact 0800 211 8289 or email

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