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Mobile Android vs Mobile Iphone

When it comes to purchasing the best mobile phone deal, it is rational to explore the options available to you. In the mobile phones world, there are basically two kinds of Smartphones contending for your attention and pocket; Android and iPhone.
Making a choice between an Android phone and iPhone is usually a matter of preference. In case you do not have enough information about the two brands, read on to learn about the pros and cons of both. It is important to mention that the information contained here is not exhaustive. You should therefore check the full details of the models of Smartphones you are considering before making a choice about the best Smartphone.

Pros of iPhone

  • The software and hardware are both controlled and fully optimized by Apple
  • Has a very good support
  • Comes with curated app store, so you don’t have to worry much about malware

Cons of iPhone

  • Has walled-garden eco-system
    • It doesn’t come with expandable storage space
    • Has limited customization

    Pros of Android mobile phones

    • Offers numerous options of phones
    • Comes with expandable storage space on most brands of Android phones
    • It is easily customized and has open source

    Cons of Android mobile phones

      • Has inconsistent support
      • Has a higher chance of malware

      To further help you in making a choice of the best Smartphone between Android and iPhone, it is important to dwell on few of the pros and cons mentioned above.

      Hardware: Android vs iPhone

      As far as hardware is concerned, it is easier to make a choice with iPhone than an Android phone. This is because Apple sells just three to four models per time. The screen sizes of iPhone range from 4in (iPhone SE) to 4.7in (iPhone 7), and 5.5in (iPhone 7 Plus). There is also the new iPhone 8 which comes with a 5.8in screen. The average price range of iPhone is between £379 and £699.

      The Android phones on the other hand have a wide range of brands that it might be quite difficult to choose the best Smartphone among the multitude. Some of the known brands of Android phones are Sony and Samsung. However, there are a host of other brands competing in the Android phones space. The prices of Android phones range between £50 and £800.

      The next logical question will be; are iPhone the best Smartphone options when compared to Android phones? The answer is No! There are some Android mobile phones that have better cameras, higher resolution screens, or extra amazing features than what are available with iPhone devices.

      Software: Android vs iPhone

      Choosing between an iOS and Android operating system is also a matter of preference. There are many people who consider the iOS as the best Smartphone and there are others who think the Android is. The iPhone for instance has all its apps on multiple home screens and do not offer the option of customization. The Android on the other hand offers the option to do whatever you like with your home screen and display.

      There are many things that distinguish the Android phones from iPhones but the fact is that they both have their distinctive attractions. Choosing the best Smartphone therefore is really a matter of preference

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