frustrated UK internet users speed up.

Ziegal launching Z-pods to help frustrated UK internet users speed up.

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Considering the technological advancements Great Britain is still only position 31 in the world when it comes to internet speed. And to date there are still 1.1 million households that don’t have a 10Mbps internet connection.

Ziegal was founded due to the the frustration and lack of options faced by many in the UK when it cones to internet speeds. The emerging situation regarding internet connections in UK and the founders own personal experience kick started the company into finding a low cost solution with better results than what the major players in broadband have been able to achieve. It takes less than 10 percent of the budget that the mainstream companies spend annually to set up the Z-WIFI network.  Ziegal is determined to deliver the best offer with the best prices in the market while improving the lives of UK’s citizens. Offering them the chance to have a reliable internet connection and an alternative option to what is currently on the market. Consumers will no longer be limited to their current internet options.

Ziegal’s project includes installing 1000 Z-Pods across the UK which will provide nationwide coverage.  With internet speeds up to 350Mbps(varying from the needs of the users) building the biggest WIFI network in history is Ziegals goal. Z-WiFi will use numerous pre existing service providers to combine the signal in order to make one of the largest and fastest WIFI networks in the UK. While 5ghz is predicted to be rolled out in 2020, Ziegal can and will bring the 5Ghz channel to the UK within 365 days. With Ziegal entering the market, households will not have to put up with the minimum speed of 3Mbps anymore.

A recent report conducted by a consumer and telecoms analyst shows that the UK is 31st in the world when it comes to the average broadband download speed which is only 16.5Mbps. Great Britain currently lags behind 19 European countries. This is where Ziegal comes in and offers the biggest and fastest WIFI network that has ever existed, a network that can replace home broadband. Ziegal will get the 5ghz ball rolling in the UK and will provide some of the best prices on the market without tie in periods. Aiming to take the UK to the top of the charts and lifting the average internet connection speed Ziegal will hit the ground running. 

Global broadband average speed league table
1. Singapore 55Mbps
2. Sweden 40Mbps
3. Taiwan 34.4Mbps
4. Denmark 33.5Mbps
5. Netherlands 33.5Mbps
6. Latvia 30.3Mbps
7. Norway 29Mbps
8. Belgium 27.3Mbps
9. Hong Kong 27Mbps
10. Switzerland 26.9Mbps
31. United Kingdom 16.5Mbps
Source:, M-Lab 

The need for a company like Ziegal is evident. But as with any tech company, Ziegal needs the help of like-minded people that want to see the country do better and offer everyone a chance to a quality life that includes a reliable and fast internet connection. In order to achieve this Ziegal will soon announce the launch of its funding campaign, which will begin soon. When the goal of the campaign is achieved citizens for the first time ever will have access to another option in reliable internet connections wherever they are. Without needing cable wiring Z-WiFi will cover the whole UK and will provide up to 10 times faster internet than the average overall speed right now. The millions of households that want faster internet but couldn't afford it or are not in an area that has fast connection can now do both.



Join Ziegal and make 2018 the year British internet was revolutionized.


Contact Name- Andy Davis 

Organization- Ziegal Ltd

Phone Number 0800 211 8289 


  • Dec 23, 2017
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