Best Battery Life Smartphones

3 Of The Best Battery Life Mobile Phones

Your phone battery is like the heart of your beloved device, pumping up all the energy as you enjoy the output. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your battery bars dwindling just when you want to use it more. Worse situations come when you are in a remote place where you cannot recharge, and the warning chirps keep nagging you. To get around these sort of troubles, you need a phone whose battery can take you through long hours.

A long battery life smartphone is one whose energy levels drop off with reluctance despite heavy usage. With such a smartphone, you can go out, take pictures and videos freely, make video calls, record audios and play games knowing that you are covered.

Smartphone With Longest Battery Life

Smartphones come with a host of features which are great to explore. Think about the music, the numerous applications that it can support and the high-resolution displays. These features require a great deal of energy output, and this is just what you will find in our collection at Ziegal. We bring you smartphones with the longest battery life that are a true companion for any handset addict. Check out some of the brands that are meant just for the ardent phone users who want more time with the phone in their palms.

Vernee Thor Plus Smartphone

The Vernee Thor plus is the ultimate handset if you love using your phone for long and charging it for very short periods. With a 6200 mAh battery, be ready to put the phone to very heavy usage if at all you want it to drain. The phone has a whopping standby time of 319 hours and talk time of about 22.9 hours. With a music play time of 39.7 hours, you can take your favorite tunes with you everywhere you go.

Elephone S8 Smartphone


Just at first glance, the beauty of the Elephone S8 grabs all your attention. Take a closer look at the features, and you realize that with this handset, your freedom is no longer being curtailed thanks to its battery life. The 4000 mAh Lithium polymer battery is well fitted into this phone to support heavy usage for long periods. Leave it on standby and this amazing gadget will hit 260 hours. It has a talk time of 19.2 hours, and with video playback, it will go well past 10 hours. Play your music anytime anywhere, and the Elephone S8 will last for 27.6 hours. And the best part is the charging duration which is just about 2 and a half hours.

Elephone P8 3D Smartphone


The Elephone P8 is a gadget in its own league. Its 6 GB RAM supports fast speeds of operations, and the quality of its 21 MP rear camera can only be well supported by big battery capacity. The 4050 mAh serves the Elephone P8 just fine. It has a standby time of 300 hours and 12.5 hours talk time. The web browsing time is 9.3 hours and music play time is about 29 hours.

A phone is just as good as its battery life. Get a smartphone with the longest battery life here at Ziegal and enjoy long hours of usage.

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