British Tech Firm Ziegal to Sell Shares in Bitcoin

British technology retailer Ziegal Ltd are set to ‘go public’ and sell shares in their business; and in keeping with their innovative business style, will be selling them in Bitcoin to investors around the world.



Ziegal Ltd want to revolutionize the UK’s WiFi market by massively increasing the internet speeds available across the country and we will do this by introducing state of the art technology in the form of Z pods. Z pods will be installed throughout the UK and transmit WiFi using the 5GHz signal. Seamless connectivity will be provided to all users 24/7 giving the UK’s internet options a much needed boost. Your help will support us for the setup of network, equipment and other asset procurement, and to meet the marketing and administrative expenses.

Faster Internet

The Market

The broadband internet market is expanding at an extremely fast pace. Existing broadband users i.e. internet users and mobile device, tablet users have poor connection and speed issues. The average internet speed for broadband in the UK is currently 28.9mbps. This speed is significantly reduced to single figures when using WiFi, creating a huge demand for an improved service. Our target market is every internet user in UK as our speeds will reach up to 450mbps. Extensive marketing strategies will be implemented throughout the UK to attract consumers to subscribe onto the network. Market research shows that the need for this service is huge with a significant part of the country still awaiting reasonable internet speeds. Multiple plans will be offered to subscribers on rolling monthly contracts with no tie in periods bringing a refreshing change to the standard 24 month contracts being offered by competitors. Ziegal is so confident with their service that a one month free trial will also be offered. Total number of internet customers in UK market are about 48.52 million. Out of this, we are planning to target 0.5% of the market initially. The Problem = Opportunity The problem exists in form of poor internet speeds and connectivity. Currently the fastest Mobile broadband network in the United Kingdom is the 4G network, and it does not provide the speed required to match modern day devices. Mobile devices can now reach speed of 150Mbps, however, most data plans from mobile broadband network operators can only reach advertised speeds of 50Mbps and even this is rare as the average speed is only 4 to 12Mbps and that’s only if you have a reception. They also have data usage restrictions on average of 30 to 40 GB.

Existing internet providers are planning to offer the 5G connection after 2020. Ziegal is planning to introduce the 5GHz network via Z-WiFi within 12 months, so that the mobile users can get benefit from it now. Speeds provided through the fixed lines are also poor, with the exception of several small areas consumers are not getting what the pay for or what their technology is capable of. We also want to address the problem of fixed line internet users by replacing their internet lines with our Z-WiFi network. Last year the Government committed £400m of public money to support a new Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund. https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2017/07/uk-gov-start-400m-digital-infrastructure-fund-boost-full-fibre-broadband.


Devices used on our network

We have collaborated with a Exclusive mobile phone brand “Vernee”, powered by Ziegal Network. The smartphone comes with awesome features. Please view the videos below: